Explore the West2-3 day trips


2 or 3 days trip

Rising 200 feet above the valley floor, this massive sandstone bluff was a welcome landmark for weary travelers. A reliable waterhole hidden at its base made El Morro a popular campsite. Beginning in the late 1500s Spaniards, and later Americans, passed by El Morro, many carved their signatures, dates, and messages…



2 or 3 days trip

El Malpais means “the badlands” but contrary to its name this unique area holds many surprises. Volcanic features such as lava flows, cinder cones, pressure ridges, and complex lava tube systems dominate the landscape. Sandstone bluffs and mesas border the eastern side, providing access to vast wilderness.


Bisti Bad Lands - “De-Na-Zin" Wilderness

2 or 3 days trip

Out of this world sceneries!!!

Seemingly grown on some other world, these rock formations look like a disused science fiction set. Some of the most unusual scenery in the world! 

National Geographic Traveler listed it: “one of their must visit adventure destinations”!

This is a bucket list vacation for every venturesome hiker, explorer and photographer.


Aztec Ruins

2 or 3 days trip

Aztec Ruins National Monument was designated a World Heritage site in 1987 as part of Chaco Culture World Heritage site because it preserves important Pueblo architectural and engineering achievements. The Aztec Pueblo was built as a public ceremonial, economic, and political center around 1100 AD and remained occupied by the ancestral Pueblo people until 1300 AD.