Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

One of our most favorite spots and a one in a lifetime experience…

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Nurture your (wild) Spirit at The Wolf Sanctuary, an unforgettable experience with wolves.

The Wolf Sanctuary, its furry residents and extraordinary caretakers, stole our hearts from the moment we met them, many years ago!

We were so impressed by the high level of care, respect and unbridled love that reigns at the Sanctuary, we were immediately deeply taken and wanted to help them in their constant efforts to rescue these magnificent beings.

We became fast friends with the wonderful humans in charge of the wolves’ welfare, and have been happy to dedicate our Graphic Design expertise to their marketing needs, in order to raise funds and awareness for the Sanctuary.

Meeting with wolves is a rare privilege, and we’re always awed and humbled by the magical encounters with these shy and highly intelligent animals.

We love to share this incredible experience with fellow true animal lovers.

The Sanctuary provides caring and permanent lifetime sanctuary to rescued captive-bred wolves, and other wild canines. The animal care division is one of the best in the country.

The physical, emotional, and mental welfare of the rescues is top priority. They do not breed, sell or exploit the rescues in any way.

Guests will often fall head-over-heels in love with Wild Spirit after they meet one of the “ mbassadors”. Upon meeting one, it’s easy to see that these amazing beings deserve their rightful place in our ecosystem, far away from the fences and walls of a captive life”.


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